God gave us a beautiful model of family. He, Himself is God the Father, and through Scripture we learn how He protects, trains, and cares for His children as a loving parent. We also see the passion Christ has for His bride, the church, the body of believers, that He loved so deeply that He gave His life for her.


In Kenya, just as in most parts of the world, the family structure is struggling. There is such pain, poverty, and despair that the family unit has also suffered. We desire to see the family strengthened through Biblical truths and hope in Christ. We seek to build relationships with men and women within our own community in order to teach, encourage and empower them to be agents of change within their homes, families, and larger communities.


Because financial hardship and poverty are so prevalent in this culture, we also help to strengthen the family through business and microfinance. My helping to meet their physical needs, we open doors of communication to build relationship and share with them the hope of Christ.